Manzella Fremont Men's Leather Glove - Large

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<a href= target=_blank>Manzella</a> embodied the look of aged leather in waterproof, breathable gloves. The Men`s Freemont Outdoor Gloves feature comfort lined genuine leather shells, and polyester fleece liners.<P><b>FEATURES</b><ul><li>Genuine leather shells<li>Polyester fleece liners<li>Waterproof<li>Breathable</ul><b>Polyester Fleece</b> Polyester fleece is a soft and bulky knitted or woven fabric, defined by its thick, soft nap and deep-pile. The deep, soft pile of fleece is obtained by heavily napping the textile with wire brushes or through a pile weave. This fabric structure allows fleece to insulate well without being too heavy. Fleece has a deep, soft nap or pile which provides air space giving good insulating properties without too much weight.<p>

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Manzella Fremont Men's Leather Glove - Large