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Cleveland Niblick Golf Club

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Classic Concept, Modern Design. The Niblick combines the best features of a wedge, putter, iron and hybrid to create the ultimate line of hybrid scoring club. Hit chips, pitches, recovery, bunker and even approach shots with improved consistency and forgiveness. The Niblick improves scoring by enabling players to hit 4 different types of shots – CPAR (Chip, Pitch, Approach, Recover). All Niblick offerings feature the same club length, address position, head weight and lie angle to make loft/trajectory the only variable from 9 iron through SW. This simplified system allows players to improve consistency through familiarity, better decision making, and muscle memory.

  • Short Iron Hybrid Technology-putter length (35"),iron address,hybrid stability and wedge sole.The Niblick design combines all of these features into a single club to simplify the short game.
  • Zip Grooves –The CNC machine form cutter bit is designed to the exact shape of the groove. The absolute integrity of these grooves is maintained by the application of proprietary coating to each groove for protection during the sandblasting process.
  • Because the originally milling is never compromised.Players are assured that groove volume is optimized to channel more debris at impact than traditional grooves.
  • The only variable between the 4 offerings is loft – each replacing a short iron/wedge for full shot distance and having a different trajectory launch for short game shots.
  • Progressive Sole Widths - as the loft increase, the sole width increases to provide players with added forgiveness to prevent fat shots. The 56º has the widest sole to drastically improve bunker play.