Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron

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Callaway Mens Steelhead XR IronsSignature Shaped Golf Irons Meet Breakthrough PerformanceThe year was 2000 and in many ways Callaway changed the game with the release of the Steelhead X-14 irons, which at that time provided an amazing combination of classic looks, distance, and playability. To this day, X-14 remains CallawayaTMs No. 1 selling iron of all-time, and through the years Callaway enthusiasts have called for its return. That wish has now been granted with the creation of Steelhead XR, as Callaway engineers have taken the classic shape of the X-14 and incorporated modern technology to create an iron that looks like the original but will far surpass it in terms of performance. Leading the way in terms of performance is Next-Generation 360 Face Cup Technology, which is delivering faster ball speeds from impact points across the clubface with the result being more distance. Additionally, a steel-infused urethane bar has been positioned across the lower portion of the clubface to lower the center of gravity for higher launch angles and to absorb vibration at impact for enhanced feel. In terms of forgiveness, the XRaTMs hollow bore-thru hosel design allows weight to be distributed to strategic places in the clubhead to improve stability on mis-hits, while playability is enhanced by a progressive CG placement that promotes high, effortless launch conditions in the long and mid irons and lower launch and increased spin in the short irons for greater control. In terms of a stock shaft, Callaway is offering lightweight options in both graphite and steel from Matrix and True Temper, respectively, but other custom choices are available as well at no upcharge.DetailsSet Composition #3-PW a #4-AW Stock Shafts True Temper XP 95 Stepless Steel a Matrix F15 Graphite Stock Grip Callaway Universal Click the Enter Custom Specs tab above for premium shaft/grip options. No upcharge shaft options are listed below. Ideal For:Players of all ability levels. Callaway would

  • The next generation of our industry-leading 360 Face Cup technology increases ball speed on both center hits and mis-hits. More ball speed = more distance
  • Our soft, steel-infused Shock Eliminator Technology absorbs unwanted vibration for great feel, and helps lower the head's Center of Gravity (CG) for higher launch
  • The new Hollow Bore-Thru hosel design saves significant weight that's strategically repositioned in the head to create more forgiveness and easier launch
  • We've positioned the CG to promote easy launch and more carry in the long irons, keen control in mid-irons, and lower and higher-spinning shots in the short irons
  • Stock Steel Shaft -- True Temper XP 95 Stepless; Stock Graphite Shaft -- Matrix F166