Mizuno Classic Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

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New fastpitch softball catcher's mitt from Mizuno for the 2019 season! The Classic Pro Soft Series offers professional patterns for the best players across the world in every position. This specific model is designed for an elite catcher behind home plate, this particular design is a great option that can not be beaten. It all starts with Mizuno's Throwback leather that provides a rugged and luxurious feel. This leather is naturally pre-oiled so that each softball glove breaks in quickly while still retaining shape over time. Roll welting assists with that shape retention by contributing to the stability through the fingers while also contributing to the overall look of the glove. Plus, an UltraSoft Pro Palm Liner gives each glove an excellent feeling and a soft finish. Mizuno: Crafted to Win! This 2019 Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Fastpitch Softball Catcher's Mitt (GXS30F3) features a 34.50-inch pattern, a fully closed web, and an adjustable velcro wrist strap for a personalized fit.

  • Throwback leather: rugged, rich and naturally pre-oiled leather that breaks in quickly and retains its shape over time
  • Ultra soft palm liner: palm liner with excellent feeling and a soft finish
  • Outlined patch
  • Gender engineered: designed specifically for the female Softball player
  • Right hand Throw= worn on left hand, left hand Throw= worn on right hand
  • Right Hand Throw = Left Hand Glove, Left Hand Throw = Right Hand Glove