TaylorMade Men's Rocketbladez Iron Set

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We've taken the concept for the ribs speed pocket that we developed to boost the ball speed and distance in our ribs fairway woods and hybrids and, using advanced design and computation, prototyping and testing, found a way to incorporate it into our new rocketbladez irons (3- through 7-). the ribs speed pocket, in conjunction with an ultra-thin face and sophisticated new inverted cone design, promotes consistently higher ball speed and higher peak trajectory, especially on miss-hits low on the face and a steep, soft-landing, quick-stopping approach angle. in addition, the new clubface design reduces directional dispersion to promote increased accuracy. higher, longer, straighter and quicker-stopping.

  • New external and internal notches in the hostel
  • Progressive offset promotes a square face at impact for straighter shots
  • 5 Year Warranty