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Went to Carl’s Golfland (MI) to try some irons, did a free fitting, ended up in a set I wasn’t expecting : golf

I wanted to buy a new set of irons. After hours and hours of reading threads on every golf forum on the internet and watching every iron review in the last 2 years on YouTube, I wanted to post my experience here since I came out of it in a place I wasn’t expecting.

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I’m 36 and have been playing golf all my life. I’ve had never been fitted for clubs before, and have always used hand-me-downs, which generally speaking were GI or Super GI irons. Throughout the years I only ever played about 6-8 rounds a year. I generally shoot in the mid to high 90’s. About 5 years ago I went and did a driver fitting and found that I was swinging my driver at 110mph and the regular flex shaft in it was not even close to what I should have, so I bought a new driver with an X stiff shaft and immediately started driving better. After this revelation, I purchased (online) a new (unused but still a few years old) set of TM RocketBladez for around $300, and I just kind of played them for a few years not thinking too much of it. In the past year my kids are finally old enough that I have the free time and I’ve fallen so much more in love with the game, that I wanted to buy a set of irons that I had absolute confidence in, and could grow into and improve my game, hence all the research time spent in the past few months.

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I bought a TayloreMade UDI 2i last year on a whim and was crushing it. When I hit it, it felt so much better than the massive BOATS that were my RocketBladez, so I was absolutely convinced I was going to replace my RocketBladez with a full P790 set. Over the past few months this winter I did the research, found the comparable clubs, and finally headed to Carl’s today to hit a few sets to see how they felt.

I Started with the P790, Mizuno 919 Forged, and Callaway Apex. Much to my dismay, out of the three, I disliked the P790 the most. Both the Mizuno and Callaway felt much better when hitting them. I came back in from the range and the rep who helped me (who by the way was AWESOME) told me to try the P760. Having read enough about all the newer clubs, I figured I’d try the Mizuno 919 Tours too since they were comparable to the P760’s.

Now, I had done the research, and only ever playing GI/Super GI irons my entire life, never shooting lower than low 90’s except maybe once, I was convinced there was no way I would be able to hit the P760’s or 919 Tours well at all. Especially after all the comments I read about off hits on the 760’s being punished much more than the P790’s.

Holy shit, I was dead wrong.

Both of these clubs felt like absolute butter. And even when I hit them badly, the ball just went, and it mostly went much straighter than I was used to.

Now, one problem here is that because I had only ever played hand-me-downs, the shafts I had always played were typically lighter shafts and in the case of 2 sets ago were regular flex graphite’s. Even the RocketBladez I bought a few years ago had 90g stiff flex KBS shafts in them. The shafts in both the P760 and 919 Tours I was hitting were 120g stiff flex.

After going over to the fitting bays I got put into an X100 130g TrueTemper shaft. Immediately the dispersion of these clubs was galaxies better than I have ever been used to. I eventually decided on the P760 because I really like how soft it felt compared to the 919 Tour.

The average 7 iron stats I had with the P760 in the X100 shaft was as follows:

Stat Numbers
Club Speed 94MPH
Ball Speed 129MPH
Launch Angle 19*
Spin Rate 7180
Carry 174 Yards

I think the biggest take-away I have from this experience was, don’t just buy clubs online without trying them just because of a good review you saw or read. Also, why the hell didn’t I do this years ago?!?!? My other characteristics (height arm length, etc) are very average, so the fitter didn’t feel like the paid performance fitting would really gain me a whole lot.

Anyways, I just wanted to post my experience, and give a shout out to Alex at Carl’s in Bloomfield who was great. Thanks man!

Went to Carl’s Golfland (MI) to try some irons, did a free fitting, ended up in a set I wasn’t expecting : golf , /u/namtaru_x , 2019-03-06 21:52:23 , , , ,

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