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Streamsong Black, Blue and Red.. : golf

Hey all!

Played Streamsong this weekend. Black and Blue on Sunday and shot 87 and 88. Red on Monday and shot 96! Silver tees all the way. Phew! It was my first boys trip after 10 years of marriage exclusively for golf. Had an amazing time. We were three in the group and chose to use pull cart and group caddy. $30 per person, doubled up as tip per person. Everyone keeps saying black is a tough course and I could not understand why. Red kicked our ass. There were 4 par 4’s that were 400+ yards and if I recall correctly 4-5 holes had fairway bunkers right in the middle at 250 yards. Of course I was going to carry those bunkers and every single time landed in them :).

Highly recommend getting a caddy, we went with Remy from Jamaica. Easily shaved 3-4 strokes with his green reading skills.


if you stay one night at SS, you get hotel green fee rates for both the days at the course. We spent 2 nights for this trip, with the first night at a nearby Hotel for $100 only!


We all know the hold club like a dove in your hands philosophy. I try to keep my grip as light as I can, however at the top when I try to hinge the wrist, I notice I end up gripping the club tighter. Is this a known issue? How can I avoid the strong grip and achieve a hinge at the top as well. thanks.


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