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Expensive Golf Courses vs Nice Public Courses : golf

I’ve recently had the opportunity to play three courses that would probably be classified as high end courses (Torrey Pines South, Medina #3, and Ko Olina). All were over $200 to play, after playing all three I think an analogy could be made to expensive steakhouses; every once in awhile one will justify the cost but more often than not the cost benefit isn’t there.

All three courses were cool and fun courses with Medinah #3 being my favorite of the three but I don’t know if they were that much better than playing a high end public course. The conditions were pretty similar to a high end public course, with Torrey Pines closer to a Muni.

Are expensive ‘destination courses’ worth it? I have Bandon and Pebble Beach on my bucket list and I imagine those may stand out, but other than those I likely won’t be paying over 110-120 to play a course…it doesn’t seem like the cost benefit is there.

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